PLAN Application

We are pleased that you are interested in joining our network!

The application form varies depending on the role you envision for yourself within PLAN. Links below open the application form for the corresponding roles.

Subscriber: Subscribers will receive occasional (no more than monthly) updates about the activities of the network.

Member: Members can access the PLAN membership directory, including profiles, and (once implemented) can participate in discussions in the PLAN forum (under construction). Members are expected to be active scholars (producing scholarly output, whether in academia or other sectors), although there is no specific expectation that you will have already published work in PLAN-related topics.

Collaborator: Collaborators receive full access to all aspects of the PLAN website, and can both view and search member profiles. To upgrade from Member to Collaborator status, you must complete the site profile detailing your level of concern about various global challenges and the skills that you bring to the study of these topics, and then contact us at plan.limits at to request an upgrade. These profiles are intended to serve as a powerful means of finding and connecting with new collaborators. Collaborators are expected to be active scholars who are looking to co-create new knowledge in PLAN-related areas which would lead to publication.