We need a PLAN

The Planetary Limits Academic Network (PLAN) aims to raise awareness about critical challenges facing the human endeavor in this century by building a network of scholars across the disciplines to collectively address systemic challenges. In this way, PLAN hopes to foster a radically interdisciplinary approach to creating viable responses to a world beyond material growth that may truly achieve long-term harmonious existence with the priceless ecosystems of Earth.

This website, like our network, is still very much in development, and we ultimately aim to have comprehensive search capabilities to help members connect with other scholars in different disciplines having complementary interests. If you have web development expertise and would like to help flesh this website out, please get in touch!

The network currently consists of 78 Members, 7 Collaborators, and 270 Subscribers.

Learn more about our Goals:

Build a Network of Scholars

Promote Research and Scholarship

Improve Undergraduate Education

Reach Beyond the Campus

Learn about our Foundational Principles:

The assimilative capacity of the natural systems of Earth is finite

Human activities are not exempt from the physical laws of the universe

Humans are a part of nature, not apart from nature

Resource usage today impacts future quality of life

Resilience, not growth, sustains complex systems

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PLAN is a decentralized network of scholars which is not based in a single institution—by design. Direct inquiries to plan.limits at gmail.com, and we will endeavor to get back to you as quickly as possible.