Collaborator Criteria

Members may choose to apply for Collaborator status, which gives them full access to PLAN website functions (including a search tool for site profiles and access to member contact information). Collaborators are expected to be active scholars who are looking to engage in efforts to explore new knowledge and communications in PLAN-related areas. The applicant must:

  1. Be a current Member within PLAN;
  2. Have a completed profile (100%, as seen in list form of member directory);
  3. Agree to Code of Conduct terms (accessed via profile);
  4. Be an active scholar (holding an academic appointment makes an easy case, but is not the only case!) interested in transdisciplinary collaboration relating to PLAN concerns;
  5. Be engaged in PLAN (not a stranger to PLAN events/forum) as a constructive member of the community;
  6. Be well aligned to the Foundational Principles; any differences/departures being constructive and in the overall spirit of PLAN;
  7. Be able to identify three PLAN Collaborators willing to fill out brief nomination forms on their behalf.


We look most favorably on applicants who have become familiar with PLAN as a Member and made contributions to the network (e.g., to the forum, resource library/ratings, have ideas for collaboration in their profile, participation in PLAN events and/or governance). Please consider making such contributions before applying.

Nominators should ideally span a diversity of disciplines, and preferably not be composed solely or primarily of people who have been long associates outside of the PLAN context.  If the nominations are not strong enough to support an application at this time, additional interactions in PLAN may produce a more favorable result later.


To proceed, first line up three Collaborators (indicated by a C superscript in member directory) to nominate you.  They need not do anything yet: just agree to provide information once your application is submitted.  Once this is done, proceed to the Collaborator Application form, fill it out, and submit it.  You are also welcome to preview the form, which also presents a list of Collaborators who are eligible to provide nominations.