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Your application to the Planetary Limits Academic Network will be reviewed by the PLAN Membership Committee.  The goal is to provide a respectful community of academics who resonate with the Foundational Principles of the network and who could potentially contribute unique and valuable perspectives in new collaborations. Most of the fields below offer valuable context by hovering over the question markPlease view each one before answering.  Note that membership fees are currently being waived.
The following question relates to the Network's Foundational Principles, which can be viewed via the link provided here.
If you don't mind sharing, we would appreciate understanding broad dispositions toward future hopes and fears (optional, private responses).  None of us have crystal balls, but responses to these questions help us understand what motivates you, and what you think would be possible to achieve if all the pieces fall into place.   We have found that responses to these prompts can be quite helpful in gauging the similarity of your concerns to those of other PLAN members
The following checkboxes relate to the Network's Code of Conduct which can be viewed via the link provided here.
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